SafeSeat™ Dog Car Seat

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Protect your beloved pet no matter how long or short the trip is!

SafeSeat™ Dog Car Seat safely & comfortably nests your puppy on the go - in the car, train, or the bus.



According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 5,687,000 crashes in the past year, of which:

• 60% of dog owners have driven while being distracted by their pets as passengers.
• Only 16% of people reportedly transported their dogs use proper safety restraints.

🐶 100% Safe: Prevent pets from jumping around or near open windows and minimizes the impact during sudden breaks and accidents.

🐶 Easy Installation: Under 1-minute installation. Works for front and back seats. Just put on a body harness on your pet and attach it to the safety clip.

🐶 Fur-Free Seats: Keep your car seats spotlessly clean! The SafeSeat™ Dog Car Seat keeps all the fur and mess from spreading into the car.

🐶 Reduces Anxiety & Maximizes Security: Many pets get travel anxious and stressed on the road. Nestling them inside the SafeSeat™ Dog Car Seat ensures secure & comfortable traveling and keeps them calm during the whole journey!

🐶 Breathable Material: Made with the highest-quality waterproof oxford fabric with a breathable net on the sides of the seat.